6-Week Group Coaching Program

For the woman ready to make her dreams come true.

Are you a woman who feels lost in the day-to-day of life without clear direction or vision for her life? Or are you clear on what you want, but struggle to figure out how to get there?

“I want to do something bigger with my life, but I don’t know what steps to take to make that happen.”

“I know I’m meant for something more, but I can’t seem to dream any bigger than my current reality.”

“I make goals every month or year, but I never seem to make any progress on them. They get lost in the shuffle of my ‘regular’ responsibilities and I end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.”

Sound like you?

How often do thoughts like these come up for you? Aren’t you tired of feeling lost, frustrated, overwhelmed and unfulfilled?

Want to know the secret of creating a life you love?

Knowing exactly what you want, deciding what the next right steps for YOU are...and then taking them!

A vision that you’re excited about making your reality.

A plan for creating that reality no matter what life throws at you.

A life filled with work AND play that lights you up.

You can dream big and watch those dreams come true.

You can take inspired steps every day toward your goals and see the progress clearly.

YOU can create YOUR best life.

It’s really simple, right? But if that were the case, wouldn’t everyone be living the life of their dreams?

My mission is to help as many women as possible create the lives they crave…filled with the things that energize and inspire them, that feed their souls, and that truly light them up.

I built this program around the strategies and techniques I’ve used to create a life I love.

Everything I’ll teach you I’ve done myself.

The next round of the Vision to Reality program starts on February 12. Cart opens January 5.

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Two years ago, I was just like you.

I was busy doing all the things I thought I was supposed to do, everything I had to do, and everything I needed to do…for everyone else.

I was in the beautiful, messy phase of raising two tiny humans and trying to build a business with very little time to even think about what I wanted for myself.

I wanted to do big things but couldn’t find the time or energy to make any of my goals happen.

I was drowning in a sea of overwhelm and afraid to take any action that might get me closer to where I really wanted to be.

I felt alone and lost.

There were no coaches offering to help me find my way back to ME.

There were no programs for stay-at-home (or work-at-home) moms looking to do something bigger.

So I decided to coach myself into a new life; and it worked.

In a year and a half, I changed my stories and shifted my mindset, started my coaching business, signed my first 1:1 clients, created a supportive Facebook community for women who want to be inspired and stretched and watched my life transform in big and small ways.

And now I’m ready to teach you how to change your life, too.

I’m ready to show you how to shine your light and create a life you love. You get to choose your future.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to tap into your true desires for your life and create a vision you’re aligned with
  • How to create clear goals based on that vision
  • How to take those goals and break them into manageable action steps that create momentum and visible progress
  • How to identify your blocks, challenges and problem areas so that you can keep moving toward your vision

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The Vision to Reality Program is an intensive 6-week group coaching program.


Creating Your BIG Vision

  • How to give yourself permission to do the work and create a vision that excites YOU
  • Understanding why vision is important
  • Creating a clear and focused vision


Making Your Vision Work for YOU

  • Being comfortable with not knowing the HOW
  • Addressing the fears that come up
  • Keeping the vision close (regular visualization and “feeling into it”)
  • Using the vision as motivation/focus


Setting Aligned Goals

  • Creating clear and aligned goals that get you closer to your vision
  • Understanding how mindset and language affect our actions
  • Trusting and implementing the one-step-at-a-time approach
  • Addressing procrastination


Making Progress & Addressing Challenges

  • Tapping into inspired action
  • Recognizing Feminine vs. Masculine energy using them to your advantage
  • Learning tools and strategies to stay focused
  • Addressing time management, fear, procrastination and other challenges
  • Using mindful evaluation to adjust your plan and keep moving


Integrating Celebration & Self-Care

  • Deciding what success means to you
  • Celebrating throughout the process
  • Practicing gratitude and how it helps attract more of what we want
  • Integrating time for quiet and self-care


Group Coaching and Problem Solving

  • Sharing success stories
  • Addressing individual challenges with coaching
  • Preparing for what’s next

I designed this program

Over the next six weeks we will go from vague vision to clear reality using tried-and-true techniques for developing your vision, creating a plan and taking inspired action. We’ll do powerful work on:

Your vision: Get clarity and focus around what you truly want your life to look like through journaling, visualization, meditation and more. You’ll walk away knowing not just what the vision is, but how it makes you feel and how you can start living that life RIGHT NOW.

Creating powerful goals: When your goals are aligned with an inspired and clear vision, they become powerful tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be. I’ll teach you how to make them effective and how to break them down into action steps that provide momentum and motivation every step of the way.

What’s blocking your success: Discover what has been holding you back and how to move through it when it comes up again. Learn how to identify the challenges you’ll commonly face and what to do when they arise.

Planning for success: I’ll help you create a plan for analyzing your progress, celebrating successes, making adjustments when necessary and taking care of yourself through it all.

Getting clear on your vision and creating manageable goals that will get you there are the keys to going from frustrated and directionless to motivated and successful.

This program is for the woman who wants to find herself again, who’s ready to shine her light and take a leap of faith.

This program is for the woman who is ready to blaze her own trail and experience life in its fullest.

This program is for the woman who wants to have it all but hasn’t figured out how to get it.

After 6 weeks you will have…

  • A clear vision for your life, career and relationships that excites you and gets you motivated to make lasting changes
  • Specific goals that are aligned with your vision for your life and the emotions that your vision inspires
  • An action plan that FEELS GOOD and will ensure progress on those goals
  • Tools and techniques to help you address and overcome roadblocks, make mindset shifts and see real change

I’m giving you ALL the successful strategies that have worked for me and helped me to create a life I’m excited about living…every single day. Get ready for some MAJOR breakthroughs and changes in your life!

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Who is Ami Spencer Youngs?

About six years ago, I became a mom–and everything changed. Everyone says that having kiddos changes everything, but I don’t think I realized how much they really meant it.

I spent my first 4 years as a mom and wife totally overwhelmed, frustrated and, honestly, a little miserable. I was doing the best I could as a mom, loving my kiddos fiercely, helping my husband manage his mental health and taking care of our home. But I was exhausted, irritable and unhealthy, to say the least. My freelance writing business was suffering, I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t doing the things I loved to do, and looking back, I was barely coping.

The Universe finally got through to me a couple of years ago, though. Something clicked and I realized that if I wanted to do better for my family and my clients, I needed to do better for myself.

So I started taking care of ME. I created a self-care routine that worked in our busy schedule. I pulled my own interests out of the closets of my mind and dusted them off. I started creating again. I started reading and learning and moving my body again. I started GROWING again.

It didn’t take long before I started noticing other women struggling with the same feelings and beliefs and situations I’d been caught up in.

It quickly became clear that my light needed to shine brighter! And as soon as I started putting myself out there, sharing inspiration and the ways that I went from overwhelmed and exhausted to joyful and excited, people took notice. They reached out with their own stories. They asked for my advice and guidance. They told me they wanted MORE.

And that’s when I committed to helping other women shine their lights, too. I decided to use my experience as a yoga teacher, writer and creative entrepreneur to help women, especially moms, to transition out of overwhelm and frustration and into a passionate, fulfilling life again!

I started reaching out to women I knew could connect with my message of self-love, who wanted to cultivate their own creativity, who desired to reconnect with their passions and live a life of purpose. And I created Writing Her Life, a life-coaching business that allows me to help moms and other women in transition periods to re-write their OWN stories and change their lives!

Today, I coach women in the midst of life transitions and help them create a clear vision for their future. I guide them in finding and connecting to their purpose, teach them to write new stories for themselves, and help them to SHINE as brightly as they want to shine.

And I couldn’t be more grateful for every opportunity I’ve been giving (and continue to receive) to be able to walk with these women on their journeys!


How Does Vision to Reality Work?

This program is for the woman who is ready to take big leaps in her life and is SERIOUS about putting in the work necessary to create a life she truly loves.

NOTE: This program is perfect for the woman who is in the midst of a major life transition like motherhood or a career change, but is also for any woman ready to rewrite her story and change her life. Specifically, this program is for the woman who is ready to shift from a life of people-pleasing and care-taking into a life that excites HER…a life that SHE created and loves.

The Winter Session of this program begins February 12, 2019. Cart opens the week of January 1, 2019.

Program Cost: $333 or 2 payments of $179/month

Each week you will go through the assignments and trainings I’ve prepared for you. As you complete the assignments you will learn my strategies and techniques for getting clear on your vision and taking aligned action toward the creation of that vision in your reality. Once a week, for the full 6 weeks, you will have a LIVE group coaching call with me, during which I will teach you additional strategies, answer questions and provide personal guidance on turning your vision into your reality.

Each session will be recorded for you to visit any time. You will have access to the online course content for life. You will also have access to a private Facebook group for Vision to Reality students, where you can connect with other students, share your struggles and celebrate your shifts…and I’ll be there to serve you and share with you, too!

I’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a clear vision for your future, how to develop concrete achievable and aligned goals to get you closer to that vision, how to start taking action toward those goals NOW and how to address any challenges or roadblocks that come up along the way. I will teach you to break free from old beliefs and rewrite your old stories so that you can live a life you truly love!

My intention in running Vision to Reality is to help you create a life that makes you feel excited, joyful and fulfilled. I desire to teach you not just how to visualize a future that you want, but how to make that future your reality–one day, one step, at a time.

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