Writing Her Life wants to help you reach your ideal clients by creating content that effectively tells your story!

Our Team has more than two decades of combined experience in writing and editing for a variety of markets and clients.

Our Team

13700010_10157094492105648_8959935160739061577_nAmi Spencer Youngs, Owner of Writing Her Life,┬áhas more than 15 years’ experience writing and editing a variety of content, from technical documentation and publications to web, newsletter and marketing copy. She helps small business owners focus on what they do best by taking writing off their plates.

550080_4835486124701_1201405823_nLouise Blazucki, Senior Content Developer, has been writing marketing copy, grants, hosting blogs, and generating other creative content for 10 years. She is passionate about assisting non-profits in meeting their full potential by effectively communicating their purpose, and has the skills to make that happen.