Making Fear Your Friend

Woman covering her face in fear

We all feel fears. It's inevitable. But I've learned some ways to use fear to my advantage and I want to share them with you. When I ask my clients (and friends) what their biggest fears are, they generally fall into a few categories: Fear of failure Fear of success Fear of ridicule Fear of … Continue reading Making Fear Your Friend

The Magic of Intentions

woman sitting in grass writing in a journal

At the beginning of the year and the start of every quarter and month, I set intentions. And I’ve found that it’s been the most powerful thing I have changed in my life and business over the last couple of years. Why? Because it changes the way I approach my goals and what I want … Continue reading The Magic of Intentions

3 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”

You are enough.

I've been known to be a people pleaser. In my past, I worried a lot about what people thought about me and how they were judging me: the way I looked, the way I behaved, how I was doing the things I was doing, my goals, my dreams...anything about me. Even with the people who … Continue reading 3 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”

Why NOW is Your Time…and What to Do About It

Time-Lapse photo of starry night sky

In the last year, and especially the last six months, I've been through a lot. So much, that I've basically been coasting through on as little effort as possible to keep my life and business running so that I could deal with the emotional and logistical demands that were thrown my way. Which isn't to … Continue reading Why NOW is Your Time…and What to Do About It