5 Steps to Freshen Your Resume’s Content

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If you’re only updating your resume when you decide it’s time to change jobs, you may be missing out. But why put in the effort if you’re not trying to find a new position?

Working on your resume can give you an objective look at your skills, help you define your goals, and remind you of your value as an employee. In addition, outlets like Linkedin give us a platform to regularly display new talents and expand on goals that have been met. Utilizing this tool with periodic refreshment–instead of waiting for a necessary career shift–can open doors to opportunities we didn’t even know we were looking for and can create connections with people who could help us find that dream job when we’re ready.

According to The Balance, we switch jobs an average of 12 times in our careers. But we learn new skills, accomplish goals, and add new responsibilities far more often. Brian Ortiz, of Linkedin, suggests not following a timeline to update your resume, but instead updating in real time so you don’t forget important milestones.

Last week’s article focused on refreshing the format of your resume. This week we will walk you through four easy steps to update the content of your resume.

1. Expand On Your Abilities

Don’t rely too heavily on standard skills within your current career field. New managers and clients know you grew sales–that is your job as a salesperson. They want to know what additional value you contributed to the organization where you worked. For example, instead of stating that you grew sales, illustrate how much sales grew under your leadership–and not just to your individual sales, but the company’s overall sales, as well. Did you break into a new market? By how much did you exceed your goals?

Highlight trends in your career, showcase your ability to set and meet goals, and promote your real worth to a new company. This is also a great part of your resume to tailor to each job opportunity you are hoping for.

2. Relate to the Specific Opportunity

A great way to make an impact with your resume is to modify it for each new opportunity. Keep in mind the job you are applying for. Then carefully highlight your particular skill set in order to mirror what they are looking for in a new employee. What about you fits the job opportunity? What about your history helps convince the reader that you could meet the demands of the position you are seeking?

This is not an opportunity to stretch the truth. Re-evaluating your abilities and relating them to the job posting is a way to keep your reader interested. A resume is meant to inform, and this is where you can brief the person evaluating the paper form of you about your worth. Keeping it all related to the position makes you a real candidate–not just a name on a page.

3. Compose a Compelling Objective

When thinking about an opportunity, we often know why we want the job. Give that information to your future employer! Be sure to include an objective that connects to the audience. Include an objective that is interesting, relevant, and honest.

Consider the company’s mission when crafting your objective. Do you like the company’s green initiatives? Do you hope to travel to expand your personal career experiences? Do you plan to apply for a transfer once you have learned the position? Including these small objectives can open doors for you not only in the interview, but as you move in your position.

Something canned like “Seeking full time employment in my career field” isn’t nearly as impactful as “Seeking to grow personally and professionally with a company that is passionate about improving lives with technology.”

This is also another chance for you to update your resume. Accomplish a goal in your current objective? Add the accomplishment to your resume content and create a more expansive objective. When the next opportunity finds you, you’ll be ready.

4. Review and Update Regularly

Now that we’ve walked you through a number of ways you can improve your resume, it’s time to get to work. Schedule time each month to review your resume content and add any accomplishments, skill improvements, format changes or other updates that you won’t want to forget the next time you’re submitting your resume for consideration.

When a new opportunity comes up, you’ll be glad your resume is up-to-date and ready to go!

5. Let the Professionals Help

If you can’t seem to find time to update your resume or you’re not getting the response to it that you’d like when you submit it to potential employers, it may be time to get some professional help.

Outsourcing your resume may seem extreme, but it’s well worth the time and money. A good resume writer will walk you through the whole process, and it can be very uplifting! Their job is to make you stand out, to highlight your strengths, and to help you showcase your worth. And sometimes an outsider can see relevant skills and details that you may have missed.

If you think you might need help crafting your best resume, contact us and we’ll walk you through what you can expect when you choose to work with a professional to update or revamp your resume!

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