Setting New Moon Intentions

Woman's silhouette under waning moon

I love taking advantage of the cycles of the moon and the energy that they create! If you follow me on Social Media (Facebook or Instagram), you know I love me a Moon Ritual. I’ve been big on full moon rituals for more than a year, and I’ve also started integrating rituals around the New Moon.

We all know what the Full Moon looks like.

But what is a New Moon?

In science or astronomical terms, the new moon is simply the period when the moon is aligned directly between the Sun and the Earth. That means no light is reflected off the surface of the moon closest to the Earth, so we can’t see it.

In energy, astrological or spiritual terms, a New Moon is a new beginning. It’s a powerful time for manifestation, which means it’s a great time to set intentions, reflect on experiences and honor your growth.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of what I’ve come to call Moon Power, here are a few tips to help you set powerful intentions during your New Moon rituals (or any other time), just in time for the October New Moon on the 27th.

1. Get out your notebook or journal. Maybe choose one specific for intention setting, if this is something you want to do regularly. That way you can return to it later and see what manifested in your life. It’s a great way to reflect throughout the year on your priorities, your accomplishments and your journey along the way.

2. Find a quiet space. This could be a meditation corner, your bedroom or office…wherever you go to find quiet and turn inward. Make sure that, wherever it is, it’s a place you feel comfortable and peaceful.

3. Clear your space and your mind. First, make sure your space is clear of physical clutter. If that means taking a few minutes to put away papers or other things that are distracting, do it. Physical clutter creates mental clutter, and that’s the last thing we want when we’re setting intentions.

If you have sage or incense and want to burn it to purify the energy in the room, that’s also a great way to clear the space of energy that could disrupt your ability to set clear intentions. If you’re not into “smudging”, you can also clear the energy of the room by sitting in meditation for a few minutes and visualizing a bright white light coming from Source, down through the crown of your head and out of your heart space, so that it gradually fills and purifies the room of any negative or disruptive energy.

Once you’ve cleared the room, it’s time to clear your mind. Sit in mindful meditation for at least 5 minutes, focusing on your breath and letting your thoughts settle. They’ll come and go, but as they do, just notice them and then come back to the breath. The more you do this, the less frequent the thought “interruptions” will become. Taking time to meditate before setting your intentions will create an openness and relaxation that will allow you to Dream BIG!

4. Set your intentions. I like to write my intentions down as sentences that are positive, specific and active. For example, a few of my intentions over the last year have been:

  • I care for my mind and body by taking time out each week to take a bath and read a good book just for pleasure.
  • I serve my clients and potential clients to the best of my ability with positive, uplifting and educational content every week.
  • I consciously and purposefully put my phone away for at least 30 minutes each day to disconnect.

If this type of intention doesn’t feel good, you can also write your intentions as a narrative that is broader and more like a descriptive vision for your future. In this case, you simply visualize what you’d like your month (or quarter or even your year) to look like in as much detail as possible and then write it all out.

However you write your intentions, the most important thing to consider is the feeling behind the intention. How will doing what you intend to do change your life and the lives of those around you? How will it benefit you and your family? How will you feel when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do? Tapping into those feelings is what makes the intentions “settle in” to your subconscious and become a guiding force as you take daily action in your life.

As you write your intentions, remember that doubts and that critical voice may come up, but you can choose not to listen and to keep dreaming and focusing on that future you want to create. If you find that voice coming up a lot, you feel yourself losing steam after a few days or weeks, or you notice you’re not doing the things you intended to do, go back to those written intentions and read them again. Hang them up in your office or put them in your calendar so that you see them every day.

And remember that you can always revisit and rewrite your intentions. That’s the beauty of the New Moon. It comes around every single month.

Do you have a New Moon ritual you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment or share it and tag me on Social Media. I’d love to see what you all are doing to take advantage of Moon Power!


YourAmi Spencer Youngs

{Photo Credit: Alexandro David from Pexels)

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