5 Steps for Creating Ease (and Releasing Overwhelm)

Knowing when overwhelm is starting to creep into my life, and how to handle it when it does, allows me to create ease rather than letting overwhelm run me into the ground. So when I find myself being reactive rather than purposeful, I know it's time to check in and get back on track.

Making Fear Your Friend

Woman covering her face in fear

We all feel fears. It's inevitable. But I've learned some ways to use fear to my advantage and I want to share them with you. When I ask my clients (and friends) what their biggest fears are, they generally fall into a few categories: Fear of failure Fear of success Fear of ridicule Fear of … Continue reading Making Fear Your Friend

3 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”

You are enough.

I've been known to be a people pleaser. In my past, I worried a lot about what people thought about me and how they were judging me: the way I looked, the way I behaved, how I was doing the things I was doing, my goals, my dreams...anything about me. Even with the people who … Continue reading 3 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel “Good Enough”