Making Progress with Procrastination

Woman laying on couch reading a magazine.

If you know me, you know I have a tendency toward procrastination…which generally stems from my tendency toward perfectionism. I know I’m not alone in either of these traits, because I see and hear women talking about their frustration with their own procrastination and perfectionism all the time.

So I’m not going to ask you *if* you procrastinate. I know the answer to that question. The real question is: WHY do you procrastinate?

If you know *why* you avoid certain tasks or *why* you find yourself procrastinating, then you can address THAT issue and start working around your procrastination rather than letting it hold you back.

I’ve figured out that for me (and for most other people) procrastination generally stems from a few reasons:

1. Because I’m afraid to take action (or of the consequences of any action I might take).
2. Because I’m uncertain of what action to take (which often leads me back to 1).
3. Because I’m overwhelmed by all that needs to be done (which often stems from 2).

Thankfully I’ve gotten better at recognizing when I’m procrastinating and have found some strategies I can use when I feel myself wanting to head down that slippery slope.

Here are three things I do (and you can, too) when I feel procrastination coming on:

1. Step back and evaluate WHY you don’t feel ready to take action. Are you afraid? Do you need more information? Do you feel unprepared or incapable?

2. Reframe the situation. Is what you’re feeling about the task really true? How can you rewrite the story you’re telling yourself so that you feel more positive and inspired to complete the task?

3. Take action. How can you address the root of the procrastination? What can you do NOW to start momentum toward completion of the task you’re procrastinating on?

Don’t let procrastination keep you from meeting your goals and realizing your dreams! If procrastination is a challenge you face regularly these tips can help you turn resistance into inspiration and motivation!

Want more tips and insight into procrastination? Check out this Facebook Live video I did on procrastination recently!


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